Dave & Mark check out Hammerwatch.

Evan and Jon check out some of the late game content that Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 has to offer.

Two brothers find themselves on a dangerous island. Fighting for survival against the elements, their subconscious minds begin to hear faint whispers carried on the wind. The Woodmother's call. An offering, a warm embrace.

Join the Super Musha Crew as they talk over various video game events.

Dave, the tour guide, meanders about and gives us a look into the lives and hardships of dwarves working for a galactic mining corporation.

Evan and Jon play though A Way Out on PC.

Evan and Jon travel beneath the town of Tristram.

Evan attempts to complete both Kingdom Hearts Games before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Join the Super Musha crew on their playthrough of Nioh! 

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